Projects: A Spotty Blog Progress Report

Well… as release day approaches for Aliens in the Soda Machine and Other Strange Tales, things have been busy in Reggie-land. First, I’ll roll out some info on release dates, then I’ll get into the update.

Aliens Releases, officially on May 1, 2015, with the e-book available for pre-order via Amazon.

In the process of editing and approving the print version, I accidentally made the print version available. It was ready to go, so rather than remove it from being available, perhaps disappointing folks, I left it up. You can get it now.

(Of course, if you are someone I know in real life, ask for a print copy, if you want one. I have them right now. )

Right now, the digital version of Aliens in the Soda Machine and Other Strange Tales is enrolled in KDP Select, which means the only means by which to acquire the digi-book resides with Amazon.

It also means I get to celebrate a second digital release with Smashwords (and other fine, digital retailers) on August 2, 2015. WOOOO!!!

There are secret plans around Aliens in the Soda Machine brewing. (Okay, that was a weird sentence to write.) These secret plans *may* involve a certain hilarious Canadian folksinger. Because Canadians like their soda to arrive with aliens. Also, poutine. Apparently. I mean, somebody told me that once. I don’t know if it’s true.

Okay, enough talk about Aliens… time for the progress report segment of Ye Olde Spotty Blog.

Last year, around this time, I released a novel called Haunted. (For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about and who have stuck with this post so far, use this code, HB55M here, to get a digital copy for $1.05. That code will work until April 30 before it goes back to full price.)

Readers of the novel have asked for a sequel. I am pleased to announce that THE MIGHTY FIRST DRAFT IS DONE! Tentative title is: Getting on With It. I am hoping I can get this ready for the world by December. I like to think of it as a holiday gift for everyone who supported the first novel and wanted to know more about the McTutcheons. *fingers-crossed that the stars align*

While GOTWI goes to beta, I’ve started a sf & f novel that, I think, falls more firmly into an established genre. I think that [redacted] might [redacted] because [redacted] but [redacted]. *shrug* The future is uncertain, the project is still a zygote.

Also, a while back I talked about a post-apocalyptic dystopian trilogy I’m writing with Devon Miller. I’m pleased to say that the first book is complete and undergoing second stage rewrites at the moment. She has a short story collection that she’s working hard to make ready for the world. Once that is done, we’ll get back to the second book in our planned trilogy.

2015 and 2016 are looking pretty packed for projects so far. The only thing I can say for certain is that I will be drinking a hell of a lot of coffee.


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