Let’s Make A Book Trailer… with Aliens!

Okay, so last night, I revealed the Trevor Strong Book trailer song .

I am still playing it on repeat and squee-pantsing through my day, but I have calmed down enough to come at you with a proposal… LET US HARNESS THE UNTOLD POWERS OF THE INTERNET AND MAKE A BOOK TRAILER TOGETHER AND WE SHALL RULE THE BOOK TRAILER MAKING WORLD!!!!

Um, or something…

Anyway, the idea is, you send me your alien themed still shots (or brief video) and I put them to use in the book trailer along side that glorious song (with credit, unless stated otherwise.)

You can send to reggielutz (@) gmail (dot) com or tweet at me @ReggieLutz

Da rules:

1) Nothing porny.

2) It must be your own original photo or video.

3) Have fun.


Or something…

I’m gonna go drink something hot… all the shout-talking is making me hoarse.





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