We then ford on, boats skiffing nimbly on the river…

Original over at peterisintheforest, this thoughtful blog discusses politics, sustainability and citizenship in a really thoughtful way. If you have an interest in environmental concerns and political activism, this is well worth paying attention to.

Peter is in the Forest

In thinking about the long-term game before us in an expanding circle, I’ve been wondering about the relationship between our ways of doing things at the municipal and national scales. I have to wonder how smart planning right here could help us work toward more equitable, resilient, and convivial societies. In short: our personal responsibilities and our community means of arranging resources and interactions matter. They ripple out over larger scales.

Now let me the first to say that in some ways, I’m pretty new to this. And I look forward to learning a good deal from you the citizens near and far, from professional planners, from current and future board members and government officials, experts in public service and policy, and more. If this blog is anything when I’m writing about these issues, it’s an honest attempt to immerse my head and heart in whatever metaphorical river I’m crossing…

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