There is honor in failure.

So this is a post from over at Peter is in the Forest. It is about a bike race. (Not my thing.) BUT this post I think has value for ANYONE experiencing a rough time reaching goals. Of course, I am applying this to the work of writing. OF COURSE I AM.

A quote from Pete’s text… “When I get out of my own way and focus on love and strength, I do well and am happy. Accepting failure and moving through it garners success. It makes me a better person.”

Peter is in the Forest

The top seemed so far away. Each pedal stroke reluctantly turned the wheel from legs barely able to push. My body felt like sand. Like molasses. I had never felt so bad on my bike.

I quit.

Four years ago I entered the Transylvania Epic (TSE), a seven-day mountain bike stage race that covers over 200 miles of rocky trails and fire roads in central Pennsylvania. For six months leading up to it, I trained. I did most of what you were supposed to do. But my mind and spirit just weren’t ready to do it. The psychological and emotional fortitude of dealing with the stress of that much hard racing quickly overwhelmed me. My body was in great shape—lean and agile and powerful. But the navigation system couldn’t take it when things didn’t go exactly as I wanted them to. Flats. Cramps. Dehydration in 95 degree heat.

Sadly, I…

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