The Not-So-Hectic Eclectic Playlist 8/6/15

So today was a fun show. Dr. Ham stopped by and we have determined that demon-fighting is eczema inducing. So if you have to fight demons, bring your aloe.

Without further elucidating…

The Playlist

Hour the First

Marah – Faraway You

Inspiral Carpets – Saturn 5

Primitive Radio Gods – Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand

Illinois – Nosebleed

Motion City Soundtrack – Lose Control

Apples in Stereo – Ruby

Aimee Mann – I’ve Had It

Gogol Bordello – Start Wearing Purple

Soul Coughing – Soundtrack to Mary

Devo – Girl U Want

Mommy Long Legs – Life RIPs

They Might Be Giants – Dig My Grave

Suzanne Vega – 99.9

Man Man – Loot My Body

Sean Rowe – Shine My Diamond Ring

Lida Husik – Fly Stereophonic

tUnEyArds – Water Fountain

David Byrne – Don’t Fence Me In

Iron and Wine – Everyone’s Summer of ’95

Beta Band – Round the Bend

Freedy Johnston – Bad Reputation



Hour the Second

Chuck Ragan – Something May Catch Fire

Old 97’s – Wasted

Ezra Furman – Restless Year

Folk Implosion – Natural One

Eve 6 – Inside Out

Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up

Jessca Hoop – Whispering Light

Lo Fidelity All Stars – Battle Flag

Courtney Barnett – Dead Fox

Bjork – Joga

Big Audio Dynamite – Rush

Southern Culture on the Skids – Nitty Gritty

Pavement – Cut Your Hair

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Grey Cell Green




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