…and when she looked at the calendar it was the year 2022

Hello everyone. I hope this post is finding you well and sans covid, or any other ailment of physique, psyche or soul. It is a wish I have for all of us these days. Plague, the slow collapse of of capitalism, and now war is the landscape against which all our individual stories play out. Throw in a soupcon of hate, a splash of terror, perhaps a wavy, razor thin line between our collective understanding of how to discern fact from fiction and everything moves obliquely, the ground beneath our feet lost to sublimation. You thought you were standing on a bedrock of granite except now it is actually a cloud of radon.

And of course I have to acknowledge that not everything is as dire and dramatic as that previous paragraph might suggest. There have been moments of wild laughter and unfettered joy amid the struggles, both global and mundane.

Since the last aeon in which I have left written record of my weird existence in this particular digital space there have been changes, reversals and odd serpentine paths I have gone down. And it seems that most of this has happened without having actually physically done very much. Whole universes of experiences have birthed, lived and passed (while leaving their indelible marks, of course) as I’ve been hunkered down in my apartment for the past few years. I’ve been on hiatus from Prentis trying to reconfigure a work life that will, well, work. I’ve been away from the sphere of creating via written word as this chunk of overwrought prose might have, so far, given away.

I’m still doing creative work. It’s like in spite of everything I can’t help it. It just takes a different form. And I likely will come back into the writing space at some point, there are certain things I just always circle back to and that is one of them. It just remains to be seen whether or not there will be any kind of ambition attached.

Right now – I have absconded to the land of woo, reading tarot and making things out of wire. These are both things that I love to do. It feels like ripping off a toothed bandage to talk about the tarot side of things out loud, to let past professional identities merge with the present after compartmentalizing things for a really, really long time. But I have come to the slow realization that tarot practice and putting creativity into practice have at least one really strong parallel and that is no matter how much products of both are consumed, they both remain poorly understood. So I can do this. I can say it out loud. I am tarot reader, hear me riffle shuffle. Or something.

That’s not going to change the content over here in any major way, particularly given the infrequency of posts but, for handful of folks who might be curious about what’s going on with me these days, there it is.


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