*availability of services will fluctuate


For Services, contact reggielutz (at) gmail (dot) com

Payment through Paypal reggielutz (at) gmail (dot) com

Press Release – $25

A press release is meant to be sent to media outlets notifying them of the release of your book. This service is meant for self-publishers or small press. You will receive your press release in the body of an email to send to media outlets yourself.

Payment is upfront. No refunds will be granted.

Turn around time is 1 week from date of purchase.

Cursory Critique – $75

Cursory Critique is an overview of a draft that you are in the process of ppreparing for publication. It will include some line edits, using track changes, and an overview of content issues. This service is intended to help writers in instances when you are working toward a deadline and the usual beta-reading crew is not able to get back to you in a timely manner.

It is important to note that this does not replace the services of a line editor or content editor, but will mirror what you would get from a critique group. I have over 12 years of experience with critique. I make suggestions based on the story the author is trying to tell, not the story that I would tell.

I also have experience with freelance arts journalism.

For projects over 80k, price will vary.  Payment is upfront. No refunds will be granted.

Turn around time 1 month from date of purchase.

Voiceover Work

Terms, project length, must be discussed via email.


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