The Not-So-Hectic Eclectic Playlist 6/18/15

Well, I guess the word is out. THE SOW-BEARS ARE COMING FOR US ALL!!!

(Brought to you by a typo in a newspaper article. We *think* they meant to say “some bears” but you can’t really be too sure in Wacky Wilkes-Barre.)

After warning everyone about the sow-bears, I did manage to play some music, including some requested Inspiral Carpets, which was all kinds of awesome.

Dr. Ham was not able to stop by today, pre-occupied with the nefarious goings on at Castle Ham. But he will be on the air Friday with Dr. Ham’s Dance Party a little after 8pm.

(For those of you who have no idea about any of this, or why I post a playlist every week, I host a volunteer radio show called the Not-So-Hectic Eclectic from 1p-3p Eastern at WRKC. Requests via social media can be made at #radiofreereggie, or just poke me through the usual channels. The station identifies as alternative, I play a mix of stuff from the Beforetimes (90s) and now.)

Speaking of music…

The Playlist

Hour the First

Janis Joplin – Turtle Blues

Butthole Surfers – Whatever

Algiers – Black Eunuch

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Grey Cell Green

EMA – Satellites

Liz Phair – Help Me, Mary

Richard Ashcroft – Song for the Lovers

Inspiral Carpets – This is How it Feels

Courtney Barnett – An Illustration of Loneliness (leepless in New York)

Sleater-Kinney – You’re No Rock’n’roll Fun

Ex-Hex – Don’t Wanna Lose

Operation Ivy – Sound System

Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop

Apples in Stereo – The Bird That You Can’t See

Ezra Furman – Restless Year

Hefner – I Took Her Love For Granted

Sean Rowe – Shine My Diamond Ring

Primus – This American Life

Jessca Hoop – Whispering Light


Hour the Second

Male Gaze – Bridge and Tunnel Vision

They Might Be Giants – Ana Ang

Rufus Wainwright – Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk

Goldfinger – 99 Red Balloons

Superheaven – I’ve Been Bored

Letters to Cleo – Here and Now

Lunachicks – Throwing It Away

Chuck Ragan – Vagabond

Two Gallants – We Are Undone

Luscious Jackson – Love is Here

Morphine – Supersex

Old 97’s – Longer Than You’ve Been Alive

Marah – Point Breeze

Ezra Furman – Hark to the Music





The Not-So-Hectic Eclectic Playlist 6/11/15

Wooo! It was a social, social show today! Dr. Ham came by to report on goings on at castle Ham and lament the death of genre icon Christopher Lee.

And listeners got to meet our new victim… I mean volunteer at WRKC studios. Call will be joining air staff on Wednesdays. We have a lot of musical tastes in common, so his show is bound to be good. Also, he displayed his skill at accents…

Okay, without further ado…

The Playlist

Hour the First

The Animals – We Gotta Get Out of this Place

Edwyn Collins – Girl Like You

Algiers – But She Was Not Flying

Pixies – Caribou

Likke Li – Gunshot

Dance Hall Crashers – Lost Again

Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – Zoot Suit Riot

Sean Rowe – Razor of Love

Tiger’s Jaw – Frame You

Tracy Bonham – Mother Mother

Ex Hex – Don’t Wanna Lose

Catatonia – Mulder and Scully

Stray Cats – Rumble in Brighton

Mirel Wagner – To the Bone

Superheaven – I’ve Been Bored


Hour the Second

T. Rex – Lady

Courtney Barnett – Pedestrian at Best

Morrissey – Certain People I Know

Yo la Tengo – Autumn Sweater

A3 – Woke Up This Morning

tUnEyARdS – Find a New Way/Water Fountain

The Wedding Present – Jet Girl

Male Gaze – Cliffs of Madness

Clinton – People Power in the Disco Hour

Ezra Furman – Restless Year

Wolf Colonel – Moral of the Story

Madder Rose – Overflow

Eilen Jewel – Queen of the Minor Key

Twerps – Back to You

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Rainbow Connection

Chuck Ragan – Something May Catch Fire



The Not-So-Hectic Playlist 6/4/15

.Yep! It’s that time of the week again! PLAYLIST TIME! WOOOOOO!!!

No guests this week, but there was plenty of music and that is always good.

Without further preamble…

The Playlist

Hour the First

Iggy and the Stooges – Gimme Danger

Go Betty Go – Drown

Yo La Tengo – Sugarcube

Courtney Barnett – Debbie Downer

Guided By Voices – Bulldog Skin

Cold Specks – Winter Solstice

They Might Be Giants – Don’t Let’s Start

Ex Hex – Waterfall

Jessca Hoop – Hospital (Win Your Love)

Devo – Girl U Want

Tuscadero – Paper Dolls

Primus – Pure Imagination

Robyn Hitchcock  РSometimes I Wish I Was A Pretty Girl

Male Gaze – Bridge and Tunnel Vision

Old 97’s – Most Messed Up


Hour the Second

Spacehog – Cruel to be Kind

The Shilohs – Ordinary People

Cornelius – Freefall

Whale – Kickin’

The Raveonettes – Killer in the Streets

Marah – Sing! O Muse of the Mountain

Jane’s Addiction – Stop!

The Elevator Drops – Sentimental Love

The Horrible Crowes – Teenage Dream

Los Straightjackets – Fury

Jim Jones Review – Princess and the Frog

Pavement – Cut Your Hair

Mountain Goats – The Legend of Chevo Guerrero

Vallejo – Just Another Day

Suzanne Vega – Blood Makes Noise

Will Butler – Anna

Morphine – Super Sex

Luscious Jackson – Naked Eye


The Not-So-Hectic Eclectic Playlist 5/28/15

…and for today’s show we were once again joined by Dr. Ham and we discussed the goings on at Castle Ham and SCIENCE! by way of time travel.

Okay, here’s the playlist.

Hour the First

B-52’s – There’s a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon)

Courtney Barnett – Nobody Really Cares if You Don’t Go to the Party

The Pogues – Waxie’s Dargle

Sean Rowe – Done Calling You

Wilco – Box Full of Letters

Go Betty Go – By Your Side

Space – Mister Psycho

Ex Hex – Don’t Wanna Lose

Jonathan Fireeater – No Love Like That

Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way?

The Julianna Hatfield Three – Ordinary Guy

Lida Husik – Fly Stereophonic

Superheaven – I’ve Been Bored

Stone Temple Pilots – Big Bang Baby

EMA – So Blonde

Los Straightjackets – Kawanga

Murder By Death – Lost River

Old 97’s – Wasted


Hour the Second

Chuck Ragan – Something May Catch Fire

Spoon – Waiting for the Kid to Come Out

The Raveonettes – Sisters

Drive-by Truckers – Made-up English Oceans

Gorky Zygotic Mynci – Poodle Rockin

Elastica – Stutter

Portishead – Roads

Eve’s Plumb – Blue

Self – What a Fool Believes

The Dead Milkmen – Now I Wanna Hold Your Dog

Sneaker Pimps – Tesko Suicide

Ted McCloskey – Just Wanna Disappear

*A Dr. Ham and Reggie Pot-Luck Jam – We Are Scientists – Make It Easy

Helium – Leon’s Space Song

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Honeybear

Mike Myers – This Poem Sucks




The Not-So-Hectic Eclectic Playlist 5-21-15

…and another fine day it was at the WRKC studios. The station is working on a super-secret mellow show which will have little stingers and liners with my voice, though I am not hosting it.

Yesterday and during the show today I was in search of a hashtag to use as short hand for the show and I am pleased to say that WE HAVE A WINNER.


So that will be the social media shorthand from here on out for the Not-So-Hectic Eclectic. Use that to tell me about a band, ask for a request, or tell me about skunk ape sightings. Not that I’ve seen any skunk apes in Wilkes-Barre, but you never know. Wilkes-Barre can be pretty wacky sometimes.

For the moment, let us dive into the playlist!

Hour the First

The Kinks – Destroyer

Bongwater – Mr. Soul

Sean Rowe – Shine My Diamond Ring

Cornershop – Brimful of Asha

Greg Garing – Walk Away From Me

Man Man – Pyramids

Temples – Shelter Song

Marah – Sing! O Muse of the Mountain!

Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealin’

Beastie Boys – Intergalactic

Sonic Youth РCrème Brulee

Courtney Barnett – Debbie Downer

Goodness – Electricity

Portugal the Man – Atomic Man

Soup Dragons – Divine Thing


Hour the Second

Cakelike – Lucky One

La Luz – You Disappear

Self – Trunk Fulla Amps (edit)

tUnEyArDs – The Real Thing

Old 97s – Longer Than You’ve Been Alive

Big Audio Dynamite – Rush

Robyn Hitchcock – The Devil’s Radio

Morphine – Honey White

Southern Culture on the Skids – Greenback Fly

Chuck Ragan – Vagabond

Trevor Strong – Aliens in the Soda Machine

Concrete Blonde – Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man

Ex-Hex – Don’t Wanna Lose

Jawbox – Savory

T. Rex – Cadillac

Dead Milkmen – Pretty Music for Pretty People

Tom Waits- Big In Japan

Audra Mae and the Almighty Sound – Little Red Wagon